What is the new GeoTrust Web Site Anti-Malware Scan?
Don’t be a hacked site! Web sites can now get an affordable daily anti-malware scan from GeoTrust that helps you find and eliminate malware infections fast. Your search listings are kept optimized by avoiding search engine blacklists. Assure your customers that your site has been scanned by displaying the GeoTrust Anti-Malware Seal.

This easy-to-implement service includes the following features:
• Daily anti-malware scan for regular check-ups
• Analysis of web page for identifiable malicious code plus monitoring to identify malicious activity to enable easy clean-up of infected site
• Instant alerts identifying malicious code to enable fast malware removal
• On-demand scans to enable quick confirmation of clean site status
• Displays a trust mark from GeoTrust, the #1 brand of SSL for the top 1 million most visited domains on the web\


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